Zumba Masterclass - Next rising presenters 2023

€ 21,50

On October 6 we will have a special masterclass with international presenters from all over the world!

For the very first time in the Netherlands we will have 3 next rising presenter finalists!

Mike Gomez from Puerto Rico will join us from New York! Mike is one of the next rising presenters from this year.

The next presenter is Alexander Lopez representing Colombia and Germany

And from Ireland international presenter Samantha Kerrigan will join us too!

We are so excited for this! Are you in!?


Host: ZIN Nancy Garcia & ZIN Clancy Gabriela

Date: October 6 - 2023

Time: 19:00 - 21:00 H

Location: Beemdweg 4, 5962 AT Melderslo

Questions/more information: +31615500886